CodeToolz Affiliates

As physicians feel the tightening of economic pressures, value is the pursuit; achieved by efficiency and effectiveness.

We work collaboratively with leading healthcare revenue management organizations, healthcare associations and societies, creating strong member-benefits and managed care contracting services.

CodeToolz’s expertise, processes and technology result in programs that deliver strong provider economics and value.

Our company draws from 25+ years of experience in reimbursement methodologies and financial analysis. We understand the current and emerging challenges that face the healthcare providers and partner with clients to address these issues and create opportunities.

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Become an Affiliate

Here’s how it works.

Affiliate marketing rewards both parties. By this I mean CodeToolz from sales as well as an affiliate (you) from commission, 20% ($200).

Affiliates (once approved) are given a URL that is used for tracking purposes. Affiliates can find out how many sales they have generated and how much commission they have earned.

This is accomplished by writing reviews or placing the URL that is assigned to you in content or banners/images.

Feel free to use any images or text from our website.