Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not answered below, reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to answer it for you.

Can I see the Contract Analyzer in action?

Of course, Schedule a Free Demo.

How much does my Contract Analyzer cost?

Contact us for a quote.

Physicians – you will not find a more cost-effective tool to get a handle on your payer contracts and fee schedules.

Doesn’t my IPA or billing company already do this?

We don’t know but please read this.

What happens if CMS revises the $ allowable data mid-year?

We update the new $ allowables within one business day and you will receive the updated Contract Analyzer at no charge.

Can’t I just set my fee schedules/charges at 200% – 300% (or higher) of Medicare to capture the full allowable?

This is called “capture billing”, here are our thoughts on that.

Are there any upgrade fees?

No. If for any reason there is a price increase for any given year, you are locked in at your purchase price.

What happens if I lose or mess up my Contract Analyzer?

We are more than happy to resend it to you at no charge.

What if I have technical questions regarding my Contract Analyzer?

Simply call us at (877) 464-3005, we are always available to assist you.