Physician Charge and Payer Analysis (PCPA) Tool

As physicians feel the tightening of economic pressures, value is the pursuit; achieved by efficiency and effectiveness.

Who Is This Tool For?

Physicians, Medical Billers, Physician Revenue Consultants, Medical Practice Consultants, Managed Care Consultants, etc.


Taking a Proactive Approach to Payer Contracts and Reimbursements

Accurately inventory, catalog and compare payer contracts and fee schedules to identify which ones can be improved and when.

Proprietary and % of Medicare Payer Fee Schedules.

Compare all of your payer fee schedules side-by-side. You will receive a full explanation of details with your PCPA Tool, in the meantime, here is a more detailed explanation.

Contract Inventory and Next Step(s)

With your PCPA Tool you are going to receive the following templated letters:

  • Requesting a Copy of Provider Agreement
  • Requesting a Complete Fee Schedule
  • Requesting a Fee Schedule Increase
  • Terminating Provider Agreement
  • Notice to (Name of Payer) Patients

You are also going to receive our proper guidelines for (1) Managed Care Contract Negotiation Considerations and (2) Steps for Managed Care Contract Negotiation and/or Renegotiation.

Physician Consultants

Expand Your Services
Manage and analyze payer contracts and fee schedules anywhere in the U.S.

Differentiate Yourself
Add value and differentiate yourself from all the others with this one-of-a-kind service.

Increase Your Revenue
Increase your physician-clients (and your) revenue. Our data and tools are 100% accurate, reliable and easy to use.

Physician Consultants – Your Presentation

Your logo, name and website url will be placed on each slide. Your contact info, website url and logo will be paced on the last slide (Conclusion and Contact Info).

We will provide you with a link to Your Presentation, you may hyperlink it and send it out to the masses; for example; “Dr. Potential Client, here is what I will accomplish for you” Hyperlink it as you see fit.