Physician Charge & Payer Analysis (PCPA) Tool

As physicians feel the tightening of economic pressures, value is the pursuit; achieved by efficiency and effectiveness.

Who Is This Tool For?

Physicians, Medical Billers, Physician Revenue Consultants, Medical Practice Consultants, Managed Care Consultants, etc.



Proprietary and % of Medicare Payer Fee Schedules

The fee schedule is one of the most important financial tools utilized by the medical office. The importance of properly managing and analyzing these must not be overlooked.

Here’s how it’s done using your PCPA Tool.

Payer Contract Inventory, Cataloging and Next Steps

With your PCPA Tool you are going to receive the following Templated Payer Letters:

  • Requesting a Copy of Provider Agreement
  • Requesting a Complete Fee Schedule
  • Requesting a Fee Schedule Increase
  • Terminating Provider Agreement
  • Notice to (Name of Payer) Patients

You are also going to receive expert guidelines in regards to Considerations and Next Steps for proper Managed Care Contract Negotiations and/or Renegotiations.

Medical Billers, Coders and Consultants

Expand Your Services
Manage and analyze payer contracts and fee schedules anywhere in the U.S.

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Add value and differentiate yourself from all the others with this one-of-a-kind service.

Increase Your Revenue
Increase your physician-clients (and your) revenue. Our data and tools are 100% accurate, reliable and easy to use.

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Use Your Customized Presentation to market yourself as a Pro and deliver this value-added service.