Payer and Contract Management

You can do this and you can do it right. In its simplest terms;

  1. Know what you have.
  2. Know what you want, and
  3. Know how to get what you want.

Using our Physician Charge & Payer Analysis (PCPA) Tool;

  1. Inventory, catalog and analyze your payer contracts and fee schedules, extremely easy to use.
  2. Perform what-if analysis based on your fee schedule and/or utilization review, straightforward.
  3. Templated payer letters and guidelines for success, mission accomplished.

Physician Earnings and Managed Care

With continued downward pressure on managed care reimbursement rates, healthcare providers should be seeking solutions for their managed care needs. Solution, your PCPA Tool.

Our Clients on Average Increase Their Revenue 2% – 7%

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