Can I see the Contract Analyzer in action?

Of course, Schedule a Demo.

How much does my Contract Analyzer and Presentation cost?


This price is for one year, as $ allowables change each year and CPT® code revisions take place.

Physicians – you will not find a more cost-effective tool to get a handle on your payer contracts and fee schedules. You study and work hard to help patients; we study and work hard to help you.

Billers, Coders and Consultants – you will easily cover this cost. There are hundreds of potential physician-clients within any given Locality. Use Your Customized Presentation to reach them.

All will receive the Templated Payer Letters.

Will my Contract Analyzer work for more than one physician?

Yes, simply populate the data and save specific to that physician.

What happens if CMS revises the $ allowable data mid-year?

We update the new $ allowables within one business day and you will receive the updated Contract Analyzer at no charge.

Can’t I just set my fee schedules/charges at 200% – 300% (or higher) of Medicare to capture the full allowable?

This is called “capture billing”, here are our thoughts on that.

Are there any upgrade fees?

No. If for any reason there is a price increase for any given year, you are locked in at your purchase price.

What happens if I lose or mess up my Contract Analyzer?

We are more than happy to resend it to you at no charge.

What happens if I misplace the link to my Presentation?

Same as above, if you cannot find the link, contact us and we will resend it.

What if I have technical questions regarding my Contract Analyzer and Presentation?

Simply call us at (877) 464-3005, we are always available to assist you.

Can I purchase more than one State and/or Locality for my Contract Analyzer?

Of course, call Quinton at (888) 993-8279 for price breaks.