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A successful collaboration produces results. The prerequisite to a successful partnership is that all parties share a common interest in getting things right the first time. As healthcare providers focus on providing care, collaboration with a full-service healthcare enterprise management partner produces those results.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

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At the Driving Force Company, we believe that every medical practice in America must have a powerful appointment setting system in place so the doctor can focus on healing and the staff can support the doctor with excellent, highly focused patient care.

We believe that you and your staff should have the freedom to focus on their area of expertise and not worry if there are enough appointments scheduled for the month.

We believe that all practices need access to a high level of appointment setting sophistication without the overwhelm that comes with this level of complexity.

We believe this appointment setting system must be super easy and super simple to use, yet at the same time extremely powerful, so it blows your competitors out of the water without having to pull your hair out trying to figure out how it all works.

We believe that the most profitable use of your time is in treating your patients.

We believe in this so much that we created a system that fuzes high-end automation with world-class sales training and strategy.

It’s called Salesfuze.

Appointment Setting That Eliminates the Burnout of Volume Based Medicine

The new way to achieve a work-life balance for you…your staff…your patients… and your family.

We Help Doctors Seeking A Solution For:

(1) Time Wasting No Shows and Appointment Inefficiencies

A state-of-the-art new patient acquisition system that reduces patient no shows and ensures appointments run on time with minimal time wasting gaps in your daily calendar.

(2) Long Office Hours and Burnout From Your Practice

Highly qualified patients show up that can afford your highest level services giving you more time for them by reducing your need for a high volume of appointments.

(3) Staff Stressed By Massive Patient Communication Needs

Your staff’s burden of appointment follow up, appointment reminders, and appointment rescheduling will be eliminated, giving them more time to focus on great patient care.

Practice medicine on your terms in an unhurried, stress-free office atmosphere that your patients and your staff will truly appreciate.

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Your Medical Billing Solution For Over 30 Years

Since 1986, AMS has provided Full Cycle Revenue Management Services to help get our clients paid quickly, with an emphasis on personalized customer service above all else.

Office Support

We provide complimentary training to your office staff on the information we need to execute. If problems arise, we find solutions and allow you to focus on patient care.

Continuous Improvement

For 30+ years, we are always asking “How can we be better?”. We continue to invest in educating our staff and the latest technology to better serve our physicians

Personal Relationships

We enjoy serving our doctors and their staff; some have worked with us for over 25 years. Clients of AMS can expect to speak to experts, not automated machines or billing generalists.

Relentless Focus

We work claims until there is nothing left to appeal or collect. If claims process incorrectly, our collectors go after the insurance company for the correct amount.

Transparent Fee Structure

AMS charges a flat percentage on all collections; no hidden fees, no initial setup fee, and no software costs for you or your practice.

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AMS Solutions, Inc.

Unmatched Expertise

AMS is comprised of the most experienced medical billing professionals in the area. We’re specialized, and we can help you navigate the ever-changing reimbursement landscape.

Comprehensive Billing Services

AMS handles all aspects of the billing process to ensure timely, consistent cash flow, allowing you to focus on your practice and your patients.

Exceeding The Standard

Our focus on customer service, best-in-class processes, and technology solutions consistently yield a net collection percentage that exceeds the national average. We leave no stone unturned to increase your profitability.

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The difference between a Pediatric-only CIN and an ordinary IPA is that we will monitor measures that we can control and/or do something about. We will not be involved in the adult-only Internal Medicine measures that are usually focused upon at the IPA level but generally not met. These IPAs frequently have only one or two Pediatric-specific measures and just as a formality.

“Private Pediatricians perform well in quality measures, put them together, pool their private practice expertise and leverage their collective mass, then they can provide major good for their medical neighborhood and maybe even save a medical buck!.” George Rogu, M.D., CEO

Managing a Pediatric Practice Today is Hard. But You Don’t Have To Do It Alone.

Regain control of your private practice while delivering the best quality care possible to the children of Long Island.

Independent Pediatric Collaborative

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We’ve Done The Homework For You

A Few Minutes Of Your Time Could Make Your Life Less Stressful

We work with residents and newly practicing physicians who are interested in transitioning into private practice. We will provide you with the resources you need so you don’t have to waste your time on figuring out to do and who you should be working with.

We can also brainstorm on ways to make your practice run more efficiently, which will  result in being more profitable. Schedule a free 30 minute call.

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Business Savvy Physician

Partnering with private practice physicians to help them close the gap in their practice.

We understand how busy physicians are. Private practice physicians are not only busy taking care of patients, but they also have to manage their practice. Medical school and residency didn’t teach you anything about how to do that, but that’s ok because we’ve got you.

Our expert physicians have a combined total of 79 years of real-world experience in their respective fields. That means you’ll get practical guidance from professionals who’ve been in the trenches their whole career.

You’re already an exceptional doctor. Get the resources you need to be a successful one.


We do all the work on the front end, and only sending you the good, ready to work candidates. This saves your clinic a lot of time and effort. We can find MAs, to mid-levels to physicians.

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MediGroup offers a diverse variety of competitive contracts with the savings solutions to benefit your healthcare business.

Serving the Healthcare Industry since 1999.

For over 20 years, MediGroup has helped physician practices, surgery centers, and other non-acute care oriented medical facilities find the supplies and services necessary to serve their respective patients.

Our platform serves surgery centers, clinics, laboratories and related industries including all of their suppliers.

MediGroup pledges to provide its members with the most comprehensive portfolio of cost savings and revenue enhancement solutions available in the healthcare facility market.

Why choose MediGroup as your GPO?

MediGroup has become one of the most recognized and respected group purchasing organizations (GPO) in the United States. MediGroup members access the very best services and products. MediGroup aggregates the purchasing power of its members, enabling them to cut their annual costs while enhancing their healthcare practices. With over 30,000 member locations nationwide, MediGroup has become a recognized leader in the healthcare GPO industry, empowering its members to provide patients with the optimal care and consideration they deserve.

Dedicated Professionals Here to Serve You

For more than 20 years, the medical practice advisors at Medical Resource Association have served the medical community with professionalism, compassion, and integrity. Our team of experts builds, redesigns, and advises practices and medical institutions on the best and brightest emerging technologies and trends to ready the healthcare industry for the future.

Charles Messal

Chief Operations Officer and Services Manager

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Let Us Help You Utilize the Industry’s Best Tools and Leverage Emerging Trends to Take Your Healthcare Organization to The Next Level

Each solution we propose is custom-built to meet the needs of your pre-concept planning; from handling business operations from a multi-site/large scale scope for growing entities all the way down to a very personalized level. Just like no two organizations are identical in scope, specialty, and client base; our solutions are in no way cookie-cutter in nature. Our goal is to solve your pain points and set the stage for growth, reach, and continued success.

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In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, we help healthcare companies increase their market share and take a more strategic approach to growth by reaching their ideal customer when they’re ready to act.

Whether you are an independent pharmacy, a private practice physician, a Medicare insurance brokerage or big box store, we can help you increase your patient base, and retain more patients.

Our programs combine our wealth of experience in healthcare marketing compliance of CMS, EKRA, FCC and HIPAA with leading technology to take your growth to the next level.

We Remove the Frustration of Growing a Healthcare Business By Injecting Patient Growth at Scale 

Prizm Media is a HIPAA, CMS, TCPA and EKRA Compliant Healthcare Marketing and Technology firm that has helped over 60 million patients connect with the healthcare products and services at their point of need.

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