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We all know we are in an era of declining physician reimbursements. What physicians get paid for their services is much less than it was a handful of years ago. This is especially true regarding managed care payers. Most providers can probably share war stories over frustrating experiences they’ve had with a payers’ contract negotiations and reimbursements. Physicians struggle with cash flow, hoping to get paid properly and in a timely manner while managed care payers post multi-billion-dollar profits.

Author: Michael Sculley

Dana R. Bellefountaine Jr., President and CEO of CodeToolz, is a senior C-level executive with over 20 years of experience in Healthcare Finance and Accounting with medical practices ranging from single-physician startups to multi-physician, multi-specialty facilities.

He has a considerable background in reimbursement methodologies and financial analysis. He understands the current and emerging challenges that face the healthcare providers and partners with clients to address these issues and create opportunities.

Here Dana tells us about CodeToolz and offers his insight in the evolving world of payer contracting and reimbursement. Read on.