Managed Care Contract Negotiations Is Essential For Your Medical Practice Revenue

Effectively Communicating with Payers During Negotiations

Whenever you create a letter, i.e. Aetna, a folder (Aetna) will be auto-created within your CodeToolz folder and that letter will be auto-saved in your newly created Aetna folder. This is true for all payers and letters. If the folder already exists, the letter(s) will be auto-saved to that existing folder without duplicating that folder.

Managed Care Contract Negotiations Is Essential For Your Medical Practice Revenue
Based on a sound Payer Negotiation Timeline your Contract Renegotiation Notices will be sent out from 120-90 days out from the Anniversary Date(s) of any contract(s). You are going to be notified (below) of any contracts that have hit the 120-day mark. Select Yes, edit where needed, sign and send. This Contract Renegotiation Notice can be created on-demand at any time.
How To Make A Medical Practice More Profitable

Once you have created the Contract Renegotiation Notice, it will be auto-annotated in your Payer Contract Inventory and you will be notified again 120 days out from the next Anniversary Date. No more outdated fee schedules.

At a minimum you should be renegotiating an annual 2% – 4% increase. Your fee schedules must keep pace with increases in expenses.

Other Payer Contracting Letters

For the letter(s) you choose to create, you will be given a selection box. You are also going to be reminded again of the Days to Anniversary for your contracts – this is a key-date.

You will be notified that the letters have been created, edit where needed, sign and send.

Sample Requesting a Copy of Our Provider Agreement

Note: All notices and letters are auto-placed on your letterhead and auto-saved in their respective folders.