Get your business and services in front of our 24,000 healthcare providers and professional members.

We are going to send you our clients/members as a CodeToolz Affiliate, we have set everything up for you to do the same and get paid. Simply email the info as prepared for you, that’s it. As stated in our Business Affiliate Agreement (IV. Compensation), we pay $500 per referral with residuals. There is a one-time setup charge of $500 to get in front of our clients/members. You break-even after just one referral to us, this ensures a mutual benefit. 

The complete setup process usually takes one business day. Call us at (877) 464-3005 to get started.


This CodeToolz Brochure contains a URL that is specific to you. We provide you with this URL so you can hyperlink the brochure and place it on your website, or hyperlink it in an email and send to your prospects. You’ll also receive this brochure as a stand-alone PDF.

The CodeToolz Brochure leads your prospect to your Landing Page. Your company logo is placed here and linked back to your website. If shared via the social media platforms it is still traced to you. This is how we track your referrals and pay you $500 each.

We are going to place you on our Affiliates page and announce you as a New Affiliate through our social media platforms and newsletters. We choose certain affiliates to announce as a Featured Affiliate. We will perform any edits you wish, at any time.

Send out the CodeToolz Brochure to your contacts via a hyperlink in an email or as an attachment, either way it’s traced to you upon their selection of “Schedule a Free CodeToolz Consultation Here”, from your Landing Page. This is how we track and pay you $500/ea.

You are going to have the URL for your Landing Page, you can simply hyperlink that as well and bypass the CodeToolz Brochure. The same information is contained in both.

If you would like our logos to place on your website, no problem. We have these in high-res, white and black, with transparent backgrounds. You can use the URL’s given to you and link to the logo.