Affiliate Details

Get your business and services in front of our 30,000 physicians and medical practice members.

The Benefits of the CodeToolz Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program can be a very effective, low-risk investment to help expand your marketing efforts beyond a small business’ traditional bandwidth. For the reasons listed here, it is almost always worth the investment and can take your online presence to new heights.

There is a one-time, no expiration setup charge of $500. You break-even after just one referral to us, this ensures a mutual benefit. Call us at (877) 464-3005 to get started.

Referring Our Medical Practice and Physician Clients To You

Affiliate Placement

We are going to place you on our Affiliates page and announce you as a New Affiliate through our social media platforms and newsletters. We choose certain affiliates to announce as a Featured Affiliate. We will perform any edits you wish, at any time.

Affiliate Newsletter

Your newsletter is only run after you have approved all images and text. This newsletter is dedicated to your company and services. It is sent to all of our clients and members and posted on our social media platforms.

Sending Your Prospects To CodeToolz

CodeToolz Brochure

This CodeToolz Brochure contains a URL that is specific to you. We provide you with this URL so you can hyperlink the brochure and place it on your website, or hyperlink it in an email and send to your prospects. You’ll also receive this brochure as a stand-alone PDF.

Affiliate Landing Page

The CodeToolz Brochure leads your prospect to your Landing Page. Your company logo is placed here and linked back to your website. If shared via the social media platforms it is still traced to you. This is how we track your referrals and pay you $500 each.

CodeToolz Payer Contracting Logo’s

All logo’s have a transparent background, including the white logo. If you so desire, place the logo(s) of your choice on your website.

It would be suggested to (1) link any image to your Landing Page URL, provided to you and (2) add a statement or two explaining the logo.

Your Landing Page contains side-bar information in regard to CodeToolz that explains what is accomplished, so no need to get wordy if you do (2).

Simply right-click and Save image as… to save the logo(s) of your choice.

CodeToolz Business Affiliate Agreement

As stated in our Business Affiliate Agreement (IV. Compensation), we pay $500 per referral with residuals. This is the exact Agreement you will receive with your company information added. The set up fee is included in your invoice as a one-time charge with no expiration.