Decreasing provider reimbursements demand a proactive approach to your payer relationships.

Let the experts at CodeToolz take your contracting efforts from burden to competitive advantage – whether renegotiating stale agreements or developing new managed care contracts.

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Compare your payer contracts and reimbursements on an ongoing basis; test payer offers and your counter-offers. Key contractual information is easily available and provides a reference for renegotiating. All contracts are inventoried and catalogued.

Determine what various reimbursement rates will do to your bottom line, in aggregate and by CPT® code. Test the adequacy of your charges, determine A/R and write-off amounts.

  • Requesting a Copy of Our Provider Agreement
  • Requesting Our Complete Fee Schedule
  • Contract Renegotiation Notice and Contract Renegotiation Appeal
  • Terminating Our Provider Agreement
  • Notice to (Name of Payer) Patients

The inability to define your leverage will lead to failed negotiations.

Payers are not going to bring up missed points of leverage with you.

Just a 7 percent increase (our average) on total annual collections of $500,000 can put an extra $35,000 in your pocket.