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We will continually strive to make this MRC a valuable resource to its Members and Vendors. It is not an accomplishment, it is a spirit and a never ending process.

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Membership Benefits and Value

Medical Forms Collection

The MRC Printable Medical Forms Collection includes over 650 medical forms, in both PDF and DOC formats.

If you want to fill a form in by hand, open the PDF version in a PDF reader and print it out.

If you want to complete the form on your computer, or customize it to your specifications, open the DOC version in Microsoft Word, make your edits, and then print and/or save your completed form.

Tools and Resources

The MRC has an array of tools, resources and expertise to assist you with the growth of your practice.

Medical Practice Management, Credentialing and Enrollment, Managed Care Contracting, Payer Management, HR Management and much more.

Operating a medical practice in today’s environment presents many challenges. These tools and resources will help you meet those challenges.

Services and Product Discounts

The MRC Value Added Services offers members additional savings on everything it takes to run an efficient and successful practice.

CodeToolz partners with a wide variety of vendors to bring our members cost effective solutions to maximize office efficiency and access savings on practice management services, consulting services, office supplies and much more. CodeToolz specifically identifies those products or services that can maximize a member’s profitability and efficiency.

Online Discussion Forums

Discover what your peers are saying and doing about the latest in medical practice operations. Share best practices, proven resources and the like.

This platform is in place to promote synergy and cooperation among industry professionals in the ever-evolving business of medical practice management.

Every community is different, so we’ve created an all-in-one community platform to make your responsibilities easier, where we can.

Provider Relations Representatives

We have compiled a database of Provider Relations Representatives with their contact information for your easy access.

Reaching a Provider Relations Representative is often times frustrating to say the least.

As you know, representatives come and go, our team makes every effort to ensure this database is current and accurate.

Podcasts and Videos

An online healthcare business video library full of short videos and podcasts that are done by your peers and industry experts.

Our experts have a combined total of 79 years of real-world experience in their respective fields.

That means you’ll get practical guidance from professionals who’ve been in the trenches their whole career.

State Medical Societies and State Departments of Insurance

We’ve put together this list of State Medical Societies and State Departments of Insurance to make your contacting them easier.

Information and links on policy initiatives, state CME requirements and courses, insurance company news and general updates regarding your healthcare policy in your state.

Continual Medical Education (CME) Courses

We make it easy to earn your continuing medical education credits by offering CME online courses, activities and offers from trusted experts in the field.

Whether you prefer audio courses, conferences or online courses, you can look through our CMEs sorted by specialty, topic or profession to find the credits you’re looking for.

Useful Links

Access a breadth of educational tools, resources and programs that help you develop and make meaningful change in practice management.

These links are designed to help members stay current on healthcare trends; effectively manage their practices and succeed in running a medical practice smoothly. Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) Look-Up Tool, NPI Registration Online, NPPES NPI Registry, HCPCS Quarterly Update, RVU Calculator, etc. 


This is a very effective, low-cost investment to expand your sales and marketing efforts beyond a small business’ traditional bandwidth.

You will have a full-access User account just as our members do. In addition, you will have the ability to offer your services/products through our advertising platform.

You may also announce real-time specials for your products and/or services through our Discussion Forum.

Our members are the heart of the CodeToolz Member Resource Center (MRC). Together, we are a growing coalition of leaders confidently advancing medical practice management operations across the country.

Whether you’re joining as an individual or as an organization, we help you navigate critical decisions with data insights, networking events and a wealth of resources that are always ahead of the curve.