Gathering Practice and Payer Contract Data

This is all we need (1-5) to construct your CodeToolz Contract Analyzer for you.

Source Document (SD)

You will receive an invitation to your private collaboration folder. We use “Box” as it is HIPAA compliant. This folder will contain your Source Document which will be mutually updated as data is gathered. Updating Your Source Document (SD)

Create a folder on your desktop and label it “2021 CodeToolz”

We are going to send you a zipped folder labeled “[Your Name] Contract Analyzer”, within that folder will be your Payer Contracts and Fee Schedules, Source Document, your Contract Analyzer, a folder labeled Payer Letters (where your templated payer letters and letterhead will be stored) and other miscellaneous documents.

When you receive your zipped folder, extract all files to the newly created “2021 CodeToolz” folder on your desktop.