Payer Contracting and Fee Schedules

Optimize Your Practice’s Revenue

We create your Contract Analyzer for you, ensuring you have the essential financial data and tools necessary to properly manage your commercial payer contracts, fee schedules and reimbursements.

CodeToolz’s Contract Analyzer calculates the financial impact of any contract fee schedule or proposed payer rate amendment for all your CPT® codes, and payers.

All payer contracts and fee schedules are inventoried, cataloged and accompanied with the payer letters needed to make the right decision for your practice.

We at CodeToolz, know how important it is to look at the details when it comes to payer contracts, fee schedules and reimbursements.

Without a sound contracting strategy any physician is at the mercy of any payer. Gathering Data

Payer Negotiations

There are too many times to count where we’ve encountered physicians who haven’t renegotiated their payer contracts for years and sometimes never.

Payers don’t send out notices asking you to renegotiate your contract because they aren’t paying adequately.

If you have a plan in place, it can work. You will never get an increase if you never ask, right?

Just a 3 percent increase on total annual collections of $250,000 can put an extra $7,500 in your pocket.

Payer Negotiation Timeline

Get Organized and Be Proactive
Our Mission

Physicians, for the quality medical services you provide – we want you to know who is paying you, what they are paying you and have the tools to act in your best interests.

With Your CodeToolz Contract Analyzer

(1) Inventory, catalog and analyze your payer contracts and fee schedules, extremely easy to use.

(2) Perform what-if analysis based on your fee schedule and/or utilization review, straightforward.

(3) Payer letters (i.e. Contract Renegotiation Notice based on Anniversary Date) auto-generated and saved, mission accomplished.

We Understand

Most providers can probably share war stories over frustrating experiences they’ve had with a payers’ contract negotiations and reimbursements.

Physicians struggle with cash flow, hoping to get paid properly and in a timely manner while payers post multi-billion-dollar profits.

It does not have to be this way. We have heard just about every war story you can think of (knowing there are more to come).

You study and work hard to help patients; we study and work hard to help you.

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