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Proper management makes all the difference. We have your solution ready.

Organize, analyze and maximize your payer contracts and fee schedules in one simple place.

Compare your reimbursements on an ongoing basis; test payer offers, your counter-offers and much more.

Precisely-timed, data-driven renegotiations. No more outdated fee schedules!


There is an imbalance of power in the provider-payer system that makes it very difficult for physicians to deal with insurance companies on a level playing field.

Without a sound contracting strategy, any physician is at the mercy of any payer.

The CodeToolz Contract Analyzer in 3 words; efficient, effective and affordable. Gathering Data

There are too many times to count where we’ve encountered physicians who haven’t renegotiated their payer contracts for years and sometimes never.

Payers don’t send out notices asking you to renegotiate your contract because they aren’t paying adequately.

If you have a plan in place, it can work.

You will never get an increase if you never ask, right?

Just a 3 percent increase on total annual collections of $250,000 can put an extra $7,500 in your pocket.

Payer Negotiation Timeline

To most providers, the most important part of any contract is the fee schedule. If the fee schedule is unacceptable, the clauses and language contained in the rest of the contract is irrelevant.

Your practice will succeed in the challenging third-party payer climate by understanding and respecting the payer perspective and committing to a positive ongoing relationship.

The success of renegotiation rests on your ability to provide cost-effective, evidenced-based services and convince payers of their value.

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