Increase Your Payer Reimbursements

Precisely-Timed, Data-Driven Payer Re-Negotiations

Secure the Best Payer Fee Schedules Possible

Our roots in payer contracting run deep, making CodeToolz one of the most effective payer contracting and reimbursement firms in the country.

Analytics allows healthcare providers to understand the true value of their payer contracts. Physicians need the ability to visualize their existing contracts and how commercial payers stack up against each other.

Organize, analyze and maximize your payer contracts and fee schedules in one simple place.

Determine what various reimbursement rates will do to your bottom line, in aggregate and by CPT® code for all your payers.

Compare your reimbursements on an ongoing basis; test the adequacy of your charges, test payer offers, your counteroffers and much more.

Decreasing provider reimbursements demand a proactive approach to your payer relationships.

To most physicians, the most important part of any contract is the fee schedule. If the fee schedule is unacceptable, the clauses and language contained in the rest of the contract is irrelevant.

While working with healthcare groups across the country, we have seen payers reduce their fee schedules by 5% to 12% due to lack of attention.

Fortunately, longstanding patterns of poor attention to contracts can be broken by analyzing, renegotiating and monitoring your payer contracts.

Many of our physician clients see average payer reimbursement increases of 10% – 15%, and ROI often exceeds 8X – 10X (results will vary).

Ensuring maximum reimbursement is always at the top of a healthcare provider’s mind. But we find too often that many providers are leaving money on the table with inefficient and infrequent payer contract management.

Let the experts at CodeToolz take your contracting efforts from burden to competitive advantage. The bottom line is that in negotiations, knowledge is power and planning is essential.

Never has the call for strategic collaboration been stronger in medical practice management. Success hinges on the practices’ ability to target operational and clinical support that can be turned on and scaled up quickly.

Skyrocket Your Revenue with Our White Label Solution

Whether you want to attract new physician clients, keep the ones you have, or increase your client base from your current customers, white labeling our Contract Analyzer allows you to increase the scope of your current offerings.

Developing a new program takes a lot of energy and time. Adding your label to a proven service, will save you a lot of risks, capital and time. This allows you to scale and grow your business much faster than trying to develop the product yourself.

Receive vital information for all your payer contracts and reimbursements – existing and new.