CodeToolz Contract Analyzer Outcomes

Precisely-Timed, Data-Driven Payer Renegotiations

Secure the Best Payer Fee Schedules Possible

Increase Your Practice’s Revenue

Proper management makes all the difference. Here is what your CodeToolz Contract Analyzer will do for you:

Organize, analyze and maximize your payer contracts and fee schedules in one simple place.

Compare your reimbursements on an ongoing basis; test the adequacy of your charges, test payer offers, your counter-offers and much more.

Determine what various reimbursement rates will do to your bottom line, in aggregate and by CPT® code for all your payers.

Let’s get your reimbursements where they should be!

To most providers, the most important part of any contract is the fee schedule.

If the fee schedule is unacceptable, the clauses and language contained in the rest of the contract is irrelevant.

The CodeToolz Contract Analyzer strategy and service in 3 words; efficient, effective and affordable. Gathering Data

Practices that don’t track their payer contract rates are reimbursed on average 4% less.

A 7% increase (our average) on total annual collections of $500,000 will put an extra $35,000 in your pocket.

I think we can all agree that it is hard to get new clients with all the physician billing, coding and healthcare consulting companies out there.

We have something for you that will (1) provide you with a new value-added service to your existing clients, increasing their (and your) revenue and (2) enable you to gain new clients with this one of a kind service.

Extremely easy to use and unbeatable ROI.  Brochure

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